Avatar for a God/Demon/Supernatural Creature Beyond All Comprehension
Don't want to put in the effort it takes to be an Evil Overlord, but still want all the glory? Then why not become a supernatural avatar? This career is ideal for the evil-doer who wants to make a difference. You simply get possessed, lose all sense of self, and then let Nyarlathotep take over as he brings about the end of the world! Now that's what I call a difference!

There are numerous ways become a supernatural avatar. These include:

1) Find a copy of the Necronomicon
2) Open the Mummy's Tomb
3) Wait till the Stars are Right
4) Steal the Idol from the Island Natives
5) Wear the Mystical Amulet
6) Listen to the voices that say "All you have to do is let me in..."
7) Free the Supernatural Horror from its Thousand-Year Prison
8) See the movie "Battlefield: Earth."

A warning on that last one... Some things are perhaps best left undisturbed.

Once you've let whatever abomination you've chosen take over, there's really not much left to do. Except scream in anguish. And claw your eyes out. And feel the flesh tear from your bones as the old god is reborn and grows forty stories tall and devours your friends and brings about the destruction of all humanity