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Every criminal mastermind needs a base of operation, so now it's time to pick yours.
There are a number of possibilities, each with their own benefits.

Medieval Castle
Many evil people prefer to live in a castle. It's got atmosphere, it's desolate, and can be situated in places like the Carpathian mountains. You can defend your castle with all the basic amenities, including a portcullis, moat, boiling oil, and gargoyle statues come to life. Furthermore, most come with an armory you can use to outfit your minions, and you will find the torture chamber thoroughly useful for interrogating heroes. The most favored aspect, however, is usually the throne room. When you are languishing upon it condemning innocents to a horrid fate, you will know you have become an evil person indeed.
Giant Corporate Tower
The corporate tower is another excellent base of operations, particularly good for the business-minded evil-doer. This sinister abode is perfect for insider trading and corporate takeovers, as well as laughing maniacally over your insidious plans. You can have the satisfaction of knowing your workers are throughly beat down and demoralized, as they toil below you in a honeycombed maze of cubicles and monitoring cameras. Furthermore, the height of the skyscraper can serve as a most intimidation measure to all who would cross you. There is little more oppressive than standing beneath a structure so tall it literally bends over you.
Underground Secret Headquarters of Doom
Perhaps what you're looking for is a gigantic secret complex housed deep beneath the earth's crust. The unsuspecting world only sees an isolated building in the middle of nowhere, not realizing that within is the secret elevator that takes you down to your diabolical lair. The enormous base can house all your doomsday equipment with ease, and the cryogenic tubes are quite useful for freezing yourself to wake up in a new and better world. Popular for their isolation from humanity as well as their 'only a madman could live here' feel, a subterranean lair may just be right for you.
Floating Fortress
One possibility that is often overlooked these days is that of floating fortress. Rather than basing yourself in any particular country or land mass, you can instead have your lair in the middle of the ocean. The water based location puts it out of reach of the more hydrophic heroes, and the fortress can easily be protected by automated turrets and mine fields. The only real problem is that you may suffer occasional attacks from hybrid manta-ray men riding jet-powered water skies, but they shouldn't be all that hard to convert over to your cause.
Abandoned Church
For the more atmosphere-oriented evil-doer, abandoned churches can be an extremely rewarding base of operations. To the casual observer it looks just like any other church, with the possible giveaway of upside down and bleeding crucifix. Behind the scenes things take a macabre twist, however, as one can find blasphemous altars, orgy chambers, and unholy rites to forgotten gods . Many churches are also built on the ruins of old pagan temples, and so may possess ancient tunnels leading to any number of lost civilizations. Make those Great Old Ones work for you!
Fake Mountain
The fake mountain with a hollow interior is yet another site often used by evil geniuses. While on the outside it appears just like any other mountain, with the flip of a switch it can be turned into a fortress of doom! Where once stood rock can now be rocket turrets, and the front can open up to reveal artillery cannons and your secret lair. Armies of destruction can be easily housed in the middle, and the whole thing folds up quite nicely when you are done playing with it. The only caveat is that it is not recommended you place your fake mountain in the middle of cities. They are for some reason too often noticed.
Desert Island
Perfect for the evil-doer in need of a vacation, desert islands are an excellent location for secret lairs and corporate headquarters. The scenic locale can greatly relieve your stress levels while providing you an earthly paradise to destroy and despoil. These islands also serve as a brilliant place for the creation of mutant races, particularly when you're played by Marlon Brando. You even get a little midget guy to follow you around and everything.
Amusement Park
Amusement parks are a specialized type of lair that have been treasured by supervillains for decades. You can easily transform the decor into a fortress of horrors, with fun houses rigged with booby traps, roller coasters turned death machines, and halls of mirrors for confronting the heroes. Furthermore, you can theme the park any way you choose, such as Apocalypse Land, Evil Clown Land, or Nightmares Made Flesh Land. The amusement park makes an excellent lair for the villain who likes a little fun, and don't forget, that ferris wheel can always be turned into one big gatling gun.
Space Station
One of the best possibilities is not even located on this earth. That's right, a space station might be for you, perfect for plotting your evil deeds far out of reach of any underfunded do-gooder. Space fortresses today come stocked standard with old Star Wars and SDI technology, perfect for shooting down missiles and enemy spacecraft coming to stop your evil scemes. Some of the more advanced stations possess cloaking fields to allow you to disappear at the drop of a hat, and while you may suffer from occasional alien attacks, they usually can be dispatched with your magnetic disrupter ray. If you are an evil-doer who wants to watch your destruction of the earth from a spectacular view, then space stations might be right for you.